Services and Solutions

Onsite Repairs:

We strive to provide same-day service and are always available by telephone. In case of breakdown we will come and repair your coffee machine quickly and efficiently

Coffee Machine Maintenance & Repairs

We work with all types of coffee machines and provide full service and full major descale.

Coffee Grinders

We have all sort and models of coffee grinders. To discuss you need please call our office.

Water Boilers

Much more efficient than using your expensive coffee machine for access to hot water, a dedicated water boiler could actually save your business money by reducing the strain on your machine. We have a wide range of water boilers

Boiler Inspection (PSSR 2000)

A PSSR inspection ensures that there are no flaws or damage to the pressure vessel and that the appropriate safety features work as they should. If your machine is due for its boiler certification that is required then please call us for an appointment.

Coffee Sales

We have a wide range of coffee machines, Coffee grinders, Water filters, Water boilers and equipments. For details please call our sales team.

Full descale Service